Our mission

It's simple: offer you the best cup of coffee we can; serve traditional, high quality food in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere; celebrate, promote and embrace diversity; give you a South American experience.

food, drinks and magazine on a table


Cafuné is a family business run by Lívia and Sean.

Lívia was born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil, a huge port city in the North East of the country where there is an abundance of fresh seafood and amazing fruits. She has also lived in Colombia and Argentina, where she fell in love with the people, music, food and of course the coffee!

Lívia is passionate about different cultures, languages and social media. You will find her front of house chatting with customers and always with a big smile on her face.

Sean was born and raised in Preston and of Irish descent. A few years ago, he travelled around Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. He also lived in Ecuador teaching English for a while. Sean met Livia in Brazil and together they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where the idea of Cafuné began.

Sean is a self-taught chef who loves experimenting with different ingredients. Our unique fruity salad dressing is just one of his delicious creations.

Sean loves football and a good pint of Guinness. Livia loves dancing and socialising with her friends. Together, they enjoy spending time with their young son, Davi.

map of South America on a wood wall


The atmosphere at Cafuné reflects the attitude of the South American people. While they may not be the richest in the world, they are certainly the happiest! From the sunny Copacabana of Rio to the freezing mountain ranges of the Andes you will always be greeted with a friendly smile.

Cafuné interior